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Buy Astressin B,Buy peptides,Purchase,Peptides,research,South,Africa,Astressin BAstressin-B, a peptide, is one of newest developments in the scientific world in terms of hair growth. Astressin-B has been shown to prevent the development in alopecia in lab mice in saline-treated mice, and has also been shown to revive the hair follicles in these same mice (Wang et al., 2011). This led to hair regrowth in the mice, and is being hailed as a revolutionary discovery (Anonymous, 2011).


Astressin B works by inhibiting certain receptors involved in hair growth that are antagonists to hair growth when the body is exposed to stress. This peptide works better than minodixil, in terms of working with these receptors and could lead to an even better treatment than minodoxil. Recently, Divine Skin Inc released the first topical hair-growth treatment that uses Astressin-B in its formula (Anonymous, 2011).


It is worth noting however, that as this is a recent discovery potential side effects or long-term research has yet to be done on Astressin-B and its effects on hair growth.


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