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Buy peptide rich creams - Peptide Based Creams – A range of brand name creams that contain peptides being produced locally under license for reputable international companies.


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Buy Peptide Rich Creams - Catalogue

Aliver Anti-Aging Eye Serum R250-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Remove crows feet, sagging skin, fresher looking skin around the eye.

Elaimei Anti Cellulite Cream R300-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Cellulite removal cream. Natural slim firming body cream. Anti cellulite slimming fat burner for shaping waist, abdomen and buttocks

Elaimei Intensive Lip Repair Treatment R250-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Lip moisturizing. Anti-wrinkle. Anti-aging, Replenish water. Nourish skin. Improve dry skin. Whitening. Balance water and oil. Skin elasticity.

ELAIMEI Skin Whitening Cream R225-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Natural whitening cream for armpits, legs, knees, elbows and other necessary areas of the body.

Lanbena Scar Removal Cream R250-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Lanbena scar removal cream for new and old scars - stretch mark relief and burn repair, acne mark removal natural peptide and herbal extracts

Sefudun Veriscose Vein Cream R350-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Infused with peptides and other natural ingredients such as Sophora, Phellodendron, Angelica and Safflower it can effectively relieve blood circulation, dredge the veins, and help reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

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