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At Research Peptides we have recently celebrated our 11th year in business. For some years, we have researched and developed the below range of products in-house. Peptide nasal sprays as well as a line of research products made using natural and herbal stimulants, and incorporated some of the peptide secrets we have learnt over the years. These are designed to affect weight loss, and fertility and the range will grow in time. Product production is done locally at the same fascility as the regular peptide products.


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Buy Peptide Nasal Sprays - Catalogue

Melanotan II Nasal Spray(Afamelanotide) 10mg per bottleR275-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Tan Fast

Semax Nasal Spray(SEMAX) 10mg per vialR550-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Treat Stroke, Transient Ischemic Attack, Reduce Memory & Cognitive Disorders, Eradicate Peptic Ulcers, Optic Nerve Disease, Combat Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders, Prevent Memory Loss Due to Aging, Boost the Immune System, Cure Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy

Selank Nasal Spray (Endogenous Tetrapeptide Tuftsin) 5mg per vialR350-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Learning & memory improvement - Increased sensory attention - Increased curiosity - Increased mental clarity - Restoration of balance of serotonergic & noradrenergic brain system activity - Anti-anxiety - Antiviral activity - Psychostimulant - Anti-asthenic - increased mental energy - stabilization of mood & overall feeling of wellbeing - Reversal of anhedonia  - Potential restoration of catecholaminergic system functions after damage due to drug abuse

P21 Nasal Spray 50mg per vialR800-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Achieve the highest state of cognitive functioningHelp stroke victims recover brain functionAid neural regeneration in the case of Alzheimer’s


Buy Tablets | Capsules - Catalogue

Ladies / Men Rapid Fat LossThe Little Pink Pill500mg1 Bottle - 30capsules - 1 months supplyR500-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Combats obesity - Fat Nurner - Thyroid repair - Reduce appetite - Increase metabolism Ingredients : Bitter orange extract, chromium, cassia seed, guarana, green tea extract, yerba mate, raspberry ketones, L-Carnatine.


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