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Buy insulin syringes, water for injections (bacteriostatic water), alcohol swobs and more here !


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Buy peptide consumables - Catalogue

10ml Bacteriostatic water vial 1 water vial R10-00 ex. VAT 

10ml Bacteriostatic water – Box (50) 50 water vials R450-00 ex. VAT 

5ml Bacteriostatic water vial 1 water vial R5-00 ex. VAT 

5ml Bacteriostatic water - Box (100) 100 water vial R450-00 ex. VAT 

Insulin Syringe 1 Insulin syringe R4-50 ex. VAT 

Insulin Syringe - Box (100) 100 Insulin syringes R400-00 ex. VAT 


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