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Buy Epithalon,Buy peptides,Purchase,Peptides,research,South,Africa,EpithalonResearch (noted below) suggests that Epithalon (aka Epitalon / Epithalamin / Epithalone) may be an effective anti-aging compound. The ends of our DNA strands are called telomeres. As we age these telomeres shorten as production of an enzyme called telomerase declines. Evidence suggests that damage to DNA telomeres is linked to age associated decline and various cell abnormalities including cancer.


Epithalon / Epitalon / Epithalamin / Epithalone is an amino acid peptide which appears to stimulate the production of a secretion in the pineal gland, that activates the production of telomerase in cells throughout the body. Increased telomerase levels promote the repair and lengthening of DNA telomeres.

Human and animal studies (below) suggest Epithalon is associated with perceived improvements in general health, reduction in tumor production and increased life span.


To reconstitute the product to liquid form add the appropriate amount of distilled water (widely available), not tap water. Plain saline nasal spray solution found in the pharmacy isle of most retail stores is also acceptable. To open the vial remove plastic cap. Insert the included metal spike 3/4 through the rubber stopper. Pry gently until stopper is removed. When reconstituting be very careful not to flood the vial wasting product. Add a small amount of water to the vial to dissolve the powder, cover and shake vial. Pour into dispensing container, then add remaining water if required.


Our Recommended Dosage


Inject 3ml bacteriostatic water into vial

Draw out 350 mcg once a day at night before bed



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