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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purity of our products ?

Our products are always tested prior to sealing of vials and dispatch. Product that passed is 96% and upwards in terms of purity, anything below 96% we discard and write off as raw material wastage.


What is the shipping cost ?

Postnet to Postnet : We charge R100.

Door to door courier : Postnet to Postnet : We charge R355 unless this is arranged for collection by yourself.


What shipping methods do we offer ?

Postnet to Postnet delivery nationwide or door to door courier via UTI


Do we supply Bacteriostatic water and syringes with orders ?

Yes we suplly all required bacterial water for orders with the order, but only offer 10 to 20 syringes per order to start customers courses off. Syringes are very cheap and can be purchased at most pharmacies. We offer a starter pack of syringes only.


How does the ordering process work ?

You supply us with your required items, your full name to appear on invoice and dispatch slip, the name and address of your closest Postnet or home delivery address if using courier, and we require your email address. We will then send you an invoice that contains all the above information. You would pay this via EFT and on receipt of proof of payment we dispatch to you.


How to pay ?

Via EFT, banking details are supplied on the invoice we send you on order


What information do we need to ship your parcel ?

Your full name, name and address of your closest postnet or your full address and your email address aswell as stock requirements and quantuities


Are we a scam operation like many others have been ?

It is not possible for us to give a definate answer on this to new customers or references as we keep our client information confidential. However we do say to customers, if you are weary and have all the right to be as a new customer sending funds to an unknown supplier, why not order 1 vial ! We take orders for R140 up to R100,000 and we have customers we have not been able to service have been refunded or have been asked to wait on stock ! We are the most trusted and reliable supplier of these products and have been since 2006.


How long does it take to receive my parcel ?

2 - 3 days from proof of payment, outside of factors we may not control such as strikes, acts of god etc.


Where do we import our products from ?

We do not import. We produce our products locally.


Do we run specials ?

Yes we do ! Please add yourself to our mailing list here and receive our specials and peptide news in your email


What do we look like in terms of physique and fitness?

We are often asked this by new customers in an effort for them to determine if our products work ! No, none of us here are in any shape unless round is considered a shape fitness or gym wise ! The reason we dont gym or workout is as a result of lives that are too busy and or personal preference. Not using our products cannot be a determining factor as to whether they work, given our careers and goals are all different.


Forum and Reviews


Our quest for perfection of service and product quality is a never ending one. Please submit you comments and feedback here so we can list your reviews on our site. We moderate these comments only to sensor lude content but all comments are published to the below listing and we value your opinions ! Good and bad ! Please submit below by completing the form and submitting to our managing members and site section below.





Customer Feedback


P**** M******

Email address hidden

"Great and quick service and all my questions get answered. Ordered and received 2 vials of Melanotan II. I've started with the loading phase and will give a review on the product soon after the initial loading phase as I know from experience that, I should be able to start seeing results at time time."


C****** *** R*******

Email address hidden


" I have received excellent service from Research Peptides. Always been happy with product quality and consistency. Will recommend to anyone. "



email address hidden


"I have received very good service thus far from Research Peptides. Deliver took place 2 working days after I placed and paid for the order. Will give feedback later relating to the product purchased as it is still in the early stages of use."


P**** K****

email address hidden


"Excellent quality. Wide variety to choose from. Will definitely be using the products again."



Email address hidden

"this products work like glowing snd look years younger just after one full course."


M****** D***

Email address hidden

"Recived goods in excellent order shortly after payment. Will be using in due course and will let you know how it went. So far research "peptides would be my supplier of choice."


J****** J******

Email address hidden

"Placed my order and received it within 2 working days very pleased with the service from Research Peptides"


M****** D***

Email address hidden

"Feedback on the product... TB500- I used to inject my mother- she has some joint trouble in her hand. The product took some time to take effect but a couple of days later she said there was a noticeable improvement. I just tried some GHRP-2... It creates almost immediate hunger after injection. I have just finished one vial and my skin looks great, I feel and look more toned and that was without working out all that hard. "

Submit your reviews and comments below.


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