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Why buy from Research Peptides ? Simply because we have been selling peptides since our inception, in 2006, then called "Follistatin SA", we have become the most trusted place to buy peptides online in South Africa ! Research Peptides Lab ensures through rigorous testing and certification by major authorities, that all our products are of 97% and up in purity. We fully guarantee our product and refund if you are not satisfied !


We pride ourselves on customer service and the fact that we always provide the highest grade South African made research chemicals. In addition to this, we are not subject to Rand Dollar volatility as we import only empty vials and sundries and the expensive components are produced locally being the peptide product itself ! This reduces our cost significantly and we pass this discount on to you !


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* All payments are in advance *

* All shipments include 10 syringes and all bacteriostatic water unless ordered separately *

* Additional syringes need to be ordered seperately *

* Payment can be made in the following ways : Bank Transfer (EFT) only *

* All products are manufactured by Research Peptides S.A. Our laboratory is based in Pretoria, South Africa *

* We ship anywhere in South Africa Postnet to Postnet or door to door courier *

* All products are labelled individually and packaged in safe heat resistant packaging for transit *


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