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DMSO50ml R270-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsDecrease pain and speed the healing of wounds, burns, and muscle and skeletal injuries. Treat headache, inflammation, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and severe facial pain called tic douloureux. Treat eye conditions including cataracts, glaucoma, and problems with the retina. Bunions, calluses, and fungus on toenails on the feet and skin conditions including keloid scars and scleroderma aswell as tissue damage caused by chemotherapy

EDTA Chelation150MG / ml – 50ml R350-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsAlzheimer's disease, angina, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, peripheral artery disease, rheumatoid arthritis, band Keratopathy.

Glutathione200mg / ml – 30ml R400-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsReduces oxidative stress, may improve psoriasis. Reduces cell damage in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Improves insulin resistance in older individuals. Increases mobility for people with peripheral artery disease. Reduces symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. May help fight against autoimmune disease. May reduce oxidative damage in children with autism. May reduce the impact of uncontrolled diabetes. May reduce respiratory disease symptoms

Magnesium Sulphate500mg / ml – 30ml R240-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsTreating migraines, achieving better, sounder sleep, reducing anxiety and stress levels, replacing low amounts of magnesium, alleviating muscle cramping, decreasing blood pressure and edema, reducing seizures associated with pregnancy, reducing rapid heartbeat

Manganese Sulphate0.1mg / ml – 10ml R190-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsWeak bones (osteoporosis), a type of "tired blood" (anemia), and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).  Osteoarthritis.

Selenium40mcg / ml – 10ml R200-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsCritical role in metabolism and thyroid function and helps protect your body from damage caused by oxidative stress. Boost your immune system, slow age-related mental decline, reduce your risk of heart disease. treatment of Hashimoto's thyroiditis and to treat high cholesterol

Vitamin B Complex40mcg / ml – 10ml R150-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsCell health, growth of red blood cells, energy levels, good eyesight, healthy brain function, good digestion, healthy appetite,proper nerve function, hormones and cholesterol production, cardiovascular health, muscle tone,

Vitamin B121mg / ml – 10ml R190-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsHelp your body create healthy red blood cells, metabolize food properly to promote normal energy levels, maintain your central nervous system, create the chemicals needed to support normal neurological function, improve feelings of wellbeing, decrease anxiety and depression, regulate your mood, support immune health.

Vitamin B5125mg / ml – 50ml R330-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsHealthy skin, hair, and eyes, proper functioning of the nervous system and liver, healthy digestive tract, making red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body, making sex and stress-related hormones in the adrenal glands.

Vitamin B6100mg / ml – 50ml R340-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsHeart and blood vessel disease and stroke, morning sickness, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), sideroblastic anemia

Vitamin C500mg / ml – 50ml R350-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsReduce your risk of chronic disease, help manage high blood pressure, lower your risk of heart disease, reduce blood uric acid levels and help prevent gout attacks, helps prevent iron deficiency, boosts immunity.

Zinc Sulphate10mg / ml – 30ml R230-00 ex. VAT Clinical Test ExpectationsPotential Cold Remedy, immune booster, hormone level repair, reduce oxidative stress


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