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Peptide Usage Guidelines


We have compiled a section on this site here to explain the correct way to mix, and administer peptides as per the numerous questions we have been asked over the years.


On receipt of our peptide package you will have the following items :

- All required bacterial water

- The product vial / vials / capsules

-10 syringes


Mixing the product

- Using a syringe Inject the water into the peptide vial slowly as directed by doing details received, do not spray the water into the vial. Inject slowly into the vial

- Allow the vials powder contents to dissolve on their own until full dissolved.

- Never shake the vial to dissolve the peptide. Always allow it to dissolve and mix on its own.


1 ml of water is one full syringe as supplied by Research Peptides in the dispatch package. If you are unsure, please whatsapp a photo of your syringe to us and we can advise you.


As an example, in the case where you have a 2mg vial of product you will be told to inject 2ml of water into this vial to mix the peptide according to dosage instructions. In this case you will inject 2 full syringes of water into the vial being 2ml of water.



Drawing from the peptide vial once mixed

Once the product is fully mixed and clear in colour, you will draw the recommended amount as per dosing instruction.

When drawing out the recommended amount you make use of the measurement markers on the syringes supplied as seen in the below videos.




Administration of the peptide product

To make use of the peptide product in rare cases you will need to inject into the muscle, known as an intramuscular injection. In the case of most peptides, the injection is a subcutaneous injection being into the fatty layer under your skin in the stomach area.



Storage of peptides and unused baterial water

- When more then one peptide vial is received eg. 2 x hgh fragment are received. It is advisable that you mix one vial at a time. Make use of the vial and then only mix the second once the first is finished.

- Unmixed and mixed vials should be stored in the fridge not the freezer.

- Let over water needed for mixing more product at a later stage must be kept in the fridge not the freezer and the water will not go off or affect further product as a result of standing.

- Mixed vials left in the fridge will be unsafe for use after 6 months.

- Unmixed vials will be unsafe for use after 1 year,.


Peptide Usage Calculations & Conversions


A brief write-up on calculating dosages etc. Need more help ? Contact us and we would be happy to guide you !


U-100 Insulin needle (29-31 gauge needles). Every 100 units equals 1 full syringe.



For product information and dosing details, please visit our "Product Guide" drop down list on the menu at the top of the website and select the product you need more information and dosing on from the list.

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