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Buy SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) from Research Peptides South Africa. Please see below list of available SARMS capsules and strengths thereof, along with pricing.


What are SARMs?


SARMS, or selective androgen receptor modulators, are a unique class of molecules that are being developed to treat diseases that are currently being treated with AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroids). Some SARMS have even gone to trial for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).


When SARMS bind to the receptor they demonstrate anabolic and hypertrophic activity in both muscle and bone. This makes them ideal candidates for TRT, osteoporosis treatment and muscle wasting treatment.


For bodybuilders, SARMS provide the benefits of traditional AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroids) - more muscle, less fat, and better bone density - while producing significantly fewer unwanted side effects (estrogen related sides and water retention).


SARMS can have an anabolic to androgenic ratio as high as a 10:1. This is what allows them to build muscle with little to no side effects. They also typically display a high bioavailability, ensuring effective utilisation and absorption.


Benefits of SARMs over AAS


SARMS are nontoxic to the liver and have little effect on blood pressure. This eliminates the need for preloading and on-cycle support supplements. Subsequently, a SARM cycle will ultimately be less expensive than a traditional AAS/Ph (steroid/prohormone) cycle. The chances of estrogen-related sides and water retention are significantly lower, as well.


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Buy SARMs Products - Catalogue

AC-262,356Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg - R2090-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :  Increased Muscle Gains. Treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Protection from prostate cancer  

ACP-105Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg - R3040-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Burns Stubborn Fat. Prevents muscle wasting and builds lean muscle. Recovery from injury and exhaustion. Energy and stamina increase. Memory and cognitive ability increase. Potential cure for breast cancer, prostate cancer and cachexia 

AICARPrices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R900-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R1800-00Price per 50 Capsules -30mg – R2700-00  Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Increase exercise endurance Product Information

Andarine(s4)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R480-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R510-00Price per 50 Capsules -30mg – R600-00  Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Strength and muscle gain - Modest fat loss. Product Information

Cardarine(GW-501516)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R500-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R600-00Price per 50 Capsules -30mg – R700-00Price per 50 Capsules - 50mg – R1000-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Improve performance - Shed fat while maintaining muscle Product Information

GW0742(GW610742)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R990-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R1980-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Lowers the body’s cholesterol levels.Cures inflammation in the Gut region.Increasing fat degeneration.More energy.Improved heart health.Reduces general inflammation. Healthier kidney and liver function. Skeletal system protection Product Information

Ibutamoren Mesylate(MK-677)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg - R750-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R1360-00Price per 50 Capsules -30mg – R2100-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :  Increases in fat free mass - Enhanced sleep quality - A treatment for obesity and fat loss - Lowering of bad cholesterol (LDL) - Significant improvements in nitrogen balance - Reversal of diet-induced nitrogen wasting - Treatment of catabolic conditions - Increase in basil metabolic rate  - Overall sense of well-being Product Information

Ligandrol / Anabolicum(LGD-4033)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R550-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R780-00Price per 50 Capsules -30mg – R1150-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :significant increase in lean body mass - increases bone density, muscle mass, and sex drive, without damaging prostate or liver tissue. Product Information

Ostarine MK-2866(Enobosarm)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R500-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R520-00Price per 50 Capsules -30mg – R650-00Price per 50 Capsules - 50mg – R900-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Very effective at building muscle - Fat loss - No exercise or diet changes Product Information

RAD150(TLB-150)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R990-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R1980-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Stabilizes testosterone levels in the body. Rapid muscle recovery. Rapid muscle regeneration. Promotes the growth of the muscles. Increases sexual performance and libido. No sides on correct dosage Product Information

S23(4-cyano-3-trifluoromethylphenyl)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R500-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R920-00Price per 50 Capsules -30mg – R1300-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Build lean muscle mass - increase strength and stamina during high-intensity workouts- increase fat loss - minimal water retention -  develop a harder and grainier muscle aesthetic Product Information

SR9011(Rev-ErbA agonist)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R1260-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R2520-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Endurance.Lower body fat.Anti inflammatory.Reduction of recovery time.Anxiolytic.Reduce LDL cholesterol levels.Increase concentration and focus. Product Information

Stenabolic(SR9009)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R820-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R1428-00Price per 50 Capsules -30mg – R2200-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Increase in endurance and strength levels - Faster burning of fat - Treatment of sarcopenia - Treatment of obesity Product Information

Testolone(RAD-140)Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R900-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R1800-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :Enhanced speed, stamina and endurance when doing high intensity - Rapid buildup of muscular tissues.  Studies have also shown that RAD contains a greater anabolic effect than testosterone when used. Product Information

YK-11Prices exclude VAT Price per 50 Capsules -10mg – R1050-00Price per 50 Capsules -20mg – R2100-00 Clinical Test Expectation - Human Subjects :With the muscle growth potential it brings, is as effective as anabolic steroids and prohormones without the unwanted side effects connected to the latter - For Cutting Product Information


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